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my adventure with The Boulder County Bombers


Jenitilia and Deputease waiting to play championship game.
(I think I know who's going to win - and they did) Denver, Colorado

Catastrophe Cooper


Smash a-lot of Puss
(she scores the points)

"Senior Prom Night"

"Senior Prom Night"

Smash a-lot of Puss - waiting - resting
(she scores the points)

Physical Therapy

"Senior Prom Night"

"Senior Prom Night"

Prom Night"

"Senior Prom Night"

Jenitilia working out (2)

Deputease rings out sweat from her bandana during break from practice session.

"Tough chicks ware make-up too"
Preparing for game ritual. (4)

Pancake benefit breakfast and concession stand fundraiing.

The BCRD are a 501c3 non-profit and completely run by volunteers.


Living, loving, being friends, having fun...

Game Face
- Catastrophe Cooper

Christie L

"it Sox to be you"

Chaminship Game, (they won) Filmore Auditorium, Denver, Colorado


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