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Realestate Photography


First hour...$295.00 deposit


Each additional hour -$175.00

(billed in 20 minute increments)

Transportation  fee, Boulder city and environs areas,

First 1/2 hour no charge.

Additional travel fees to your location if necessary will be outlined in "scope of project" description/estimate.



Studio (high powered) flashes as necessary,

10mm -1000mm lenses + Macro

50+meg native file size

(larger file size = more detail=larger prints)

Average production 3-6 photos per day.

'Dressing the Set"

props, flowers, fruit or other props are supplied

by you or your agent. Unless you request in writing that

I provide them. (billed at cost plus time).

You are solely responsible for providing large items

(furniture, etc.) if desired. 

It is recommended that you and/or your agent participate in the photo shoot.

What you receive:

a thumb drive with color-corrected,

sized and cropped photographs/files.

Two file types:

.tif files - layered allowing for further editing by you or staff/agent.

Remember to "save as" with different name, so original file from me

remains unchanged.

.jpgs -these are for ready for printing or internet.

Reproduction rights/license to photographs for you/your business uses.

Rights not transferable to third parties (subcontractors) without written permission, may require additional compensation from them)

Photograph will have photo credit,

"Photograph by Mark Ivins" in all reproduction forms - printed, web etc.

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