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Lilly 16x20 B&W small.jpg
Double Eagle 1 _9_2022 04472.jpg
Lily B small  8x36 2021.jpg
Water & Sun 16x20 7 2019.jpg
Lefthand Creek small.jpg
Boulder County Fair at Sunset - from the top of the ferris wheel-2022.jpg
Sun Flowers 9th Ave 0030.jpg
Red Poppies small.jpg
Buffalo or Bison1 12x36 2021 sm.jpg
Giant Egret 9 8 2022 4150.jpg
17x22 w 1_2 inch pelican.jpg
Once in a Blue Moon 8_30_2023 5131.jpg
Tulips 18 x18 with 1_2 00066.jpg
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